Mochi-Tsuki@Odawara -TABICA Meetup #1 -


Do you know how to make Rice cake, Mochi?

Let’s experience Mochi pounding at a farm in Odawara which is 1-hour away from Hakone.

Mochi pounding (called Mochi-Tsuki in Japanese) is a traditional way to make Rice-cake (Mochi).

Mochi is now usually only made for special celebrations such as New Year, but it used to be eaten on a year-round basis.

This tradition is almost ceased to exist nowadays since Mochi-tsuki machine had been invented.

In Minafa-farm, You can experience traditional Mochi pounding using more than 100-year-old wooden mortar and pestle!


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Odawara, Kanagawa

*Exact address would be sent once you registered for the event.

*nearest stop is Odakyu Odawara Line Kayama Station.

*Host will pick you up from the station or you could rent the car from Tokyo.

■What to bring

Bring spare clothes to change for the activity in which you can get dirty.

■How much


*Price includes Lunch, Experience fee and Guide fee.


Odawara is quite near from Atami which is famous for Onsen. After the activity, why not enjoy the Onsen and relax :)


In Minafa farm in Odawara, you can experience a variety of farm work and traditional Mochi making experience which is difficult to find nowadays Japan. You will make Mochi with 100 year-old mortar and pestle from Meiji era.

Through this farming experience , you will see how the daily life flow of farmers goes, such as harvesting the vegetables and plowing the land.

It is not that easy to cook using the real fire oven, but it would make rice unbelievably delicious.

■What is TABICA?

A marketplace for local and authentic activities.

Our vision is to make it accessible for people to experience the life of locals and make it easier for everyone to communicate with locals. Science shows that feelings are induced by communication with others. Life is diverse even within the country. By “diving into the life of locals”, you actually feel the culture of the country. There are numerous places still hidden, but beautiful. We connect those places and locals with travelers!!

Sat Mar 26, 2016
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM JST
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Minafa Farm, Odawara
Mochi-Tsuki SOLD OUT ¥3,800
Venue Address
神奈川県小田原市鬼柳311 Japan